(ES) Cómo ganar confianza en uno mismo.

Mar 03

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Jan 09

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Spanish “Cumbres”, swiss glaciers and children from the Himalayas

May 12

I am writing this from Nepal, a country that has given me so much and to which I am now trying to give back as much as I can in return. This time I’m not here to climb any mountains, but rather to collaborate with the Edurne Pasaban Mountaineers for the Himalayas Foundation, which works to provide a better future for the children living in these mountains. But I’ll talk more about that in my next post…Patrulla de los Glaciares

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My new challenge, Kabi takes off

Oct 16

I’m a restless person, always looking for new challenges and ways to test myself. The road of life is a long run, and I try to enjoy it and take the most of each stretch. My adventures have taken me to real paradises in the most remote places on the planet. I have had the chance to enjoy the magnificent view from the peak of the world and, that is where I let my imagination run free and set my next challenge. From the Himalayas to Greenland I have enjoyed indescribable marvels, but always carrying my homeland in my heart. 


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Shall we discover “Cumbres” together?

Edurne_Pasaban_Cumbre_La2_Javier_Sierra_entrevista_reto_aventura_superacion_3 expand
Jun 25

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Next adventure: Greenland

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May 09
Edurne_Pasaban_motivation_motivacion_retos_challenges_superar_overcoming_aventura_adventure_ greenland_groenlandia_peak_performance

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(ES) Titan Desert: Día 1

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Apr 29
Edurne_Pasaba_reto_desierto_titan_desert_ giant_Gaes_Roberto_Palomar

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(ES) Reflexiones…Titan Desert by Gaes 2013

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Apr 25
Fotografía de www.titandesert.com

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To my dear friend Mario Merelli

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Jan 19

I’m on the way to Washington from New York by train. You may be wondering what I’m doing over here? Edurne in the big cities? Well, I’m over in the big cities seeking opportunities which will enable me to go where I most like to be, where I feel most at ease, where I feel that my life belongs: the mountains. But that’s not why I am writing. I’m writing because life, on the other side of the world and far from the people that I love and who love me, has just dealt me a cruel blow.

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